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We have a wide and varied selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menus. As well as daily specials listed on the boards in our cafe. But please be aware, everything is prepared fresh to order, so please be prepared for a small wait as we create your dish. We're not a fast food outlet!


Our soups change on a daily basis. So you'll have to look at our soup board in the cafe to make your choice. All our soups are gluten and wheat free and suitable for a vegan diet. They are served with either a wholemeal roll or a gluten free scone.


Breakfast Special - Beans, Mushrooms, Tomato (fried or tinned) Eggs poached, scrambled or fried), 2 slices of Toast and a tea or a Coffee. Served 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Vegan Breakfast - As above, served with fried Potato instead of an egg. Gluten/Wheat free breakfast - As above, served with herb scone instead of toast. Breakfast Panini with beans, egg, Mushroom or Tomatoes. Porridge with Fresh Fruit & Honey. A slice of Toast (Butter or Flora), Jam or Marmalade. Beans or Mushrooms or Tomato or Egg on Toast. Scrambled or 2 Poached Eggs on Muffin. Derbyshire Oatcake with Mushrooms or Tomatoes or Beans or Egg.


Chilli & Cheese on a Muffin. Scrambled Egg and Cheese on Toast (1 or 2 pieces). French Toast with Tomato Chutney. Bagel with Cream Cheese and Fruit. Omlette of Choice, with or without Salad. Welsh Rarebit with onion Relish, with Poached Egg, Mushroom or Tomato.


The vast majority of our lunches can be found on the specials board, and we always have a quiche and risotto of the day. Details are found on the board. Vegetable Lasagne with garlic Bread and Salad. Vegan Chilli with Rice. Gluten Free Lasagne with Gluten free Scone & Salad. Sandwich of choice, and large Bowl of Soup. Side order of Herb or Minted Potatoes or Jacket Potatoes.


We have different surprises for you daily. You'll need to check the menu boards once you're inside!

Light Meals & Snacks

Jacket Potatoes with a choice of fillings - Butter, Cheese or Cottage cheese, Beans, Vegan Chilli, Welsh Rarebit, Homemade Coleslaw. Sandwiches with a choice of fillings - Brie & grape, White Stilton & Apple, Egg Mayo, Cheese or Cream Cheese, Cheese & homemade Chutney, Cheese & Red Onion Mayo, Cream Cheese with grated Carrot & Raisin, Cheese & Beetroot, Cottage Cheese & Spring Onion. All of which can be served on a Bagel.


Ploughman's, Egg Mayo, Brie & Grape, White Stilton & Apple, Greek, Beetroot Raisin & Cashew Nut.

Cakes & Deserts

All homemade, counter selection includes vegan, gluten free and diabetic varieties. Cream teas, served with homemade scones, cream, preserve, fresh fruit and tea or coffee. Homemade cheese, fruit or wholemeal scones. Toasted tea cakes or cinnamon sultana toast

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Drinks & Refreshments

Pot of Tea for One

Pot of Tea for Two

Herbal Teas & Fruit Teas

Decaffeinated Tea

Small Espresso

Large Espresso


Filter Coffee

Decaffinated Coffee

Filter Coffee with Hot Milk

Large Cappuccino

Small Cappuccino



Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate with Cream

Monins Milk Shakes

Cordials & Bottles

Fruit Juices



Fruit Shoot

Glass of Squash

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